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Diana Bustamante

Veterinary Technician/ Manager

Diana always wanted a job in which she could see and learn different things every day that she went into work. She’s found just that at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital; every single shift, Diana sees something she’s never seen before. Interacting with all types of people and pets makes every day worth it!

Diana is originally from Mexico, and moved to the United States with her family when she was a small child. It was in high school that the medical bug took hold—she took a class about human healthcare, but realized it just wasn’t quite right. Animal medicine turned out to be her true calling! Diana joined the compassionate clinic staff in the fall of 2014.

Diana, her mother, and her two sisters share their home with a little Chihuahua who loves getting attention but won’t hesitate to growl and snap if she’s not in the mood. In her spare time, Diana enjoys spending time with friends and trying out new and adventurous things.

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Photo of  Diana  Bustamante



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