Our Careteam

Kimberly Richards
Veterinary Technician
Like any veterinary professional, Kimberly entered into the world of animal care to keep pets healthy. She also has another motivation, though: she wants to help families have as much quality time as possible with their beloved companions. As a Veterinary Technician here at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital, Kimberly gets the best of both worlds: she’s able to use her skillset to better the lives of people and their pets every single day!

Kimberly attended Lake Tahoe Community College in California to study animal care before taking some time off to raise her daughters. In 2018, she was thrilled to join the Bell Animal and Bird Hospital family as a Veterinary Technician—Kimberly has a special interest in animal nutrition and the ways that a great food choice can lengthen a pet’s life, and she looks forward to learning even more about animal behavior and avian medicine.

When she’s not at the office, Kimberly can be found pet sitting, showing dogs—she’s especially proud of her recent “Best of Breed” honor!—and enjoying the company of her family and a menagerie of pets at home. Kimberly and her family have five Australian Shepherds named Max, Lyric, Merlot, Bordeaux, and Monet; a Fox Terrier who goes by Squeak; Mango the cockatoo; a pair of cockatiels named Elvis and Peanut; a Nanday conure named Grinch; and two Jenday conures who go by Bobby and Junior. Eight feline companions round out the family: Blackey, Princess, Captain Jack, Raven, Yoki, Kiki, Mojo, and Link!
Julissa Peña
Veterinary Assistant
Julissa grew up here in Arizona with her parents, brother, and the constant companionship of dogs—she can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least a few pets around the house. Ever since she was a little girl, Julissa wanted to use her time to help animals live happier, healthier lives in whatever way she could. Working in a vet’s office allows her to do just that every day!

Julissa first gained experience in the world of animal medicine by volunteering at local shelter facilities. Shortly afterward, she and her family started to foster dogs at home. It wasn’t long before Julissa knew that she wanted to continue helping pets while expanding her skillset in the world of veterinary medicine. That’s when she decided to dive headfirst into veterinary care and signed on here at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital! Julissa is a Veterinary Assistant.

When she isn’t helping both pets and owners feel comfortable and cared for here at the hospital, Julissa can be found relaxing in the great outdoors and continuing to foster dogs at home. Currently, she and her family share their lives with 12 canine companions!
Alissa Lee
Veterinary Assistant
Alissa was only a little girl when she first decided she wanted to work with animals one day. As time went by, her passion only deepened. Alissa is thrilled to now care for pets hands-on as a Veterinary Assistant with the Bell Animal and Bird Hospital team!

Alissa is currently studying veterinary science in a program with Grand Canyon University, and loves getting to supplement her studies with real-world experience right here at the clinic. In the future, she hopes to achieve her lifelong dream: to become a veterinarian herself and help all of the pets she possibly can! Here at the hospital, Alissa especially enjoys helping to educate clients on the best possible care methods for their animal companions.

In her spare time between work and her veterinary studies, Alissa loves spending time with her many pets at home. She’s currently paying special attention to Derby, a young Labrador puppy who is constantly on the move!
Chyna Rendon
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist
Chyna’s family took in plenty of stray animals while she was growing up, so she was no stranger to the world of animal care. Her early experiences helping pets live better lives made a permanent impression—for Chyna, a career in veterinary care simply made sense!

Chyna was only 13 years old when she first began volunteering in local animal shelters, and she also made a point to volunteer at Petco adoption events every year. After high school, she started volunteering in the animal-care program at her college, Estrella Mountain Community College. Now, Chyna is a proud member of the Bell Animal and Bird Hospital team, where she serves the area’s pets and animal parents as a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist.

In her time away from work, Chyna likes reading, drawing and painting, and doting on her own animal companions at home. She has six dogs: four Chihuahua/Dachshund mixes, a Jack Russell Terrier, and a German Shepherd.


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