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Dorothy MccorveyDorothy Mccorvey

Dr. Thrift has been our vet for over 16 years and my dogs and I love him and his staff.

Samantha MorganSamantha Morgan

I can't possibly say enough wonderful things about Dr. Thrift and his caring and compassionate staff! When our beloved family cat came down with severe symptoms one morning, they had us in that day to begin diagnosing what the problem could be. They were always courteous, communicative, and thorough with testing to get to the root cause. I'm happy to say they saved our cat's life, which may not have been the case without the right medication, and he is now a beloved member of their family as well!

Thank you Dr. Thrift and all the incredibly sweet women that helped care for and make our Chavo feel safe and loved.

Mary Anne SpencerMary Anne Spencer

We have with dr.thrift for 30yrs plus.that should tell you something

Sherri CalvertSherri Calvert

If you are looking for a great Vet, I would highly recommend Dr. Thrift and his staff. I have been to many Vets and by far Dr. Thrift has ALL of them beat! Thank you for the great and caring service you provide!! Puppy Kisses from Rosie Marie Calvert.

Melinda LermaMelinda Lerma

Dr Thrift is the best vet I have ever been to. He has compassion, empathy, and truelly loves our animal family members. I have a 5 month old lab red nose pit bull, he was dieing from distemper on Friday April 22, 2016 and today April 27, 2015 my simba is almost back to himself, and he almost has his appetite back Dr Thrift is the greatest I will continue taking my animal family members to him. I won't trust any other vet with my family members. Thank you Dr Thrift for everything you did to save simba I greatly appreciate your time and compassion.

Ed RobertsEd Roberts

Doctor Thrift has taken very good care of our two Labrador Retrievers. One had kennel cough that caused bronchitis and our new adopted dog had kennel cough that caused pneumonia. She was also sick with Valley Fever.
It was not a fun time when we met but he and his staff were there for us and I believe saved both our dogs from dying. He is a good Vet and he and his staff really care for the well being of our four legged family members.

Thanks Doc!!!!

Adjusted PerspectivesAdjusted Perspectives

Its easy to find a vet that loves your pet, but finding one that has a good bedside manner, teaches training gems during visits, is non-judgmental and is reasonably priced, is rare, but Dr. Thrift is just that and more! He is complimented by his friendly staff that treats your pet with love and care as if it was their own.

I found this gem hidden away in a retail strip at 43rd Ave. & Bell Rd, in Phoenix. When I adopted my puppy from CL, I needed to find a vet. The website conveyed a friendly practice, which it was, and the price for the 1st exam couldn't be beat...just a $1.00+ costs for the vaccines. That was last year so check the website. Since then, she's grown. had a round of 10 puppies who've had their shots, thanks to Dr. Thrift. and is now recovering from her spade surgery.

It's more than a hospital, it's also a veterinary practice. When you go, tell Dr. Thrift hello from my dog, Gracie.

Jeff BohlJeff Bohl

Was in need of a good new Vet and saw excellent reviews online. They lived up to them all. Nice small, clean, professional and skilled office. Also of note, they have excellent patience as well as their patient wasn't very cooperative when she first showed up. :) Bring your 'other' kids here. Glad to have found a new place close to home as my guys turn into senior citizens.

Bob AndersenBob Andersen

Great people and I finally found a vet that genuinely cares about making animals better. Excellent front end staff as well.

Jennifer RamirezJennifer Ramirez

Dr. Thrift and the animal hospital has been part of our family since we moved to Phoenix in 1997. At that time I had Garfield, a regular big cat that looked lile Morris the cat but acted like Garfield. He is the 8x10 picture in black and white in the photo album of pets that we have loss, either in the front or back of the album. I remember that Garfield was loved and many staff members cried when we had decided to lay him to rest. When we got Zeus 8 years ago, I knew that there was only 1 Vet he would go to and so since he was a puppy he has been going to see Dr. Thrift.

Now Zeus does like to go to the vets to say hi but when he has to have shots and etc... he will not behave and tries to climb his way down from the table anyway he can usually around his daddy's back as I have to leave the room. Poor Dr. Thrift puts up with us but we wouldn't take Zeus anywhere else because I know Zeus will be taken care of.

Even my mom takes her previous dogs and current ones to see Dr. Thrift because we know that they will be given the best care.

Thank you Dr. Thrift and staff, we will see you in about a week for Zeus's 2nd shot. Get ready!

Grace GrahamGrace Graham

I have been to a lot of Animal Hospitals and met a lot of vets and this is by far my favorite place to go. Dr. Thrift as well as the staff are fantastic, they are an amazing team. I take all of my animals here as well as clients animals.

Rebecca G.Rebecca G.

It was my first time here and I loved it so much, the staff was so friendly and kind and the vet was also very helpful with everything and giving me tips on...

Honey GramHoney Gram

I have been so busy I haven't had the chance to touch on my phenomenal experience with my new vet Dr. Thrift and his staff at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital! This is long but so worth reading!

I had scheduled a c-section for my French bulldog Buffy on Saturday with Dr. Thrift, a vet I had only used once before for a puppy check up. He worked with me and gave me a breeder price and agreed to take care of all of my girls!

On Friday she surprised all of us and went into labor early! I called the vets office and they immediately said to bring her right on in! Upon getting there he took her to the back and his phenomenal staff immediately started loving on Buffy making sure she was comfortable. He got her ready for surgery and it began!

As the puppies came out the staff worked tirelessly to get these little pups going. Two of the puppies were extremely weak from the very beginning but the staff never gave up. The doctor wrapped up the surgery and buffy made a speedy recovery from the anesthesia. While she was waking up one of the staff members named Kaitlyn cuddled her and talked to her. The staff continued to work hard to get these 2 pups going while the others began to nurse. Buffy was not producing milk so one of the staff members named Alissa began to bottle feed!

After a few hours the vet left for the day and we continued working with these 2 little ones. A little while later we lost one of the little boys. The staff made every effort possible and never gave up. We still had one hanging in there when I noticed it was closing time. As I began to get my stuff together the office manager Diana asked where I was going. When I told her I noticed I was closing time she told me to put my babies back into the incubator and that we would stay until he was ready to go home. The whole staff stayed 2 hours after closing to help me with my babies!!!

About 2 hours after closing I knew that it was only a matter of time for my little guy so I made the decision to take him home and let him be with his mom, brother, and sister until he passed. I paid for the wonderful services I had recieved and was presented with a packet of information as well as free vet check vouchers for my new puppy owners! *I must also mention that his price was also better than ANY VET I am aware of in the valley.*

It was less than an hour after we got home when my little guy crossed over. I sent Diana a message telling her the puppy had passed and she came to my house and picked up my little guy to take back the the vets office for cremation!!!

The next morning I was greeted early by a follow up call from Dr. Thrift. Not your standard "How's the dog?" But a genuine concern for how everyone is doing including myself. I did not only find a wonderful new vet but life long friends here!

***I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE any and all pet owners in the valley to go here!!!! Whether you are a breeder or not! These are people that truly care about animals! Phenomenal care at a great price!

Melissa SylviaMelissa Sylvia

Dear Dr. Thrift and your wonderful staff,
You have saved me quite a few times in the past two years. You identified my diabetes and gently broke to my mumsie and dadsie I can no longer see. There were check ups in between. Most recently I had a mass removed from my face and your kindness and compassion has helped all three of us. We can never thank you enough. Love, Chloe

Kayelynn PaigeKayelynn Paige

My parrotlet, Mavi, injured his beak and I brought him to see Dr. Thrift. The tech at the front desk was so welcoming and kind and Dr. Thrift took excellent care of my baby. You can tell he loves animals and is very passionate about his job, he was to the point and didn’t try to sell me on anything extra. He knew I was worried about cost and was respectful of that! He also recommended a great and affordable pelleted bird diet for Mavi! I would recommend Bell Animal and Bird Hospital to anyone and I will definitely be going back if I need assistance in the future! Thank you guys for making me feel welcome and for helping Mavi to have the best chance at a full recovery!

Karen O'Halloran CooneyKaren O'Halloran Cooney

I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Thrift for a few years now. The doctor and his staff are always professional, pleasant and willing to discuss all/any concerns I may have regarding my fur babies health. The prices are acceptable and my dogs are happier and healthier. Thank you Bell Animal & Bird Hospital.

Miranda ClockMiranda Clock

The Dr. And his staff are so sweet and caring for all the animals! From now on this going to be my one and only vet!

Molly Ann DavenportMolly Ann Davenport

Love and miss you Dr .Thrift

Chickie DoyleChickie Doyle

I am on my 2nd pet in 30 years and have Nothing but "Great" things to say about Dr. Thrift.
He truly cares for all his pets.

Lori Joachim MuellerLori Joachim Mueller

I was able to get an appointment the same day and on a Saturday. My cat Scooby was not doing well at all and the doctor was very sweet and took the time to take care of Scooby. He even called the next day to check on him! Now Scooby's doing so much better and he is going to be ok. Thank you to the doctor and Bell Animal & Bird Hospital!!!

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